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YouTube Helpers

9 YouTube tricks for Teachers

quietube tab allows teachers to show YouTube videos with the comments and related videos removed

tubechop allows people to cut and save portions of YouTube videos. Here is a link which shows how to embed a TubeChop video into PowerPoint

Online tools for converting YouTube and other multimedia formats:
Xenra this is specifically a YouTube converter and works quickly!

Freemake this is a good one to reduce the size of a vid file to successfully upload to YouTube



Tooble - software to download which allows you to download and save YouTube videos.


Media Converter



Articles about YouTube
YouTube Launches Site Specifically for Teachers

YouTube Channel

There are many ways in which you can customize your YouTube Channel to brand it for your library and provide important information to your students.

  1. YouTube can be used to house your screencasts, tutorials, book trailers and whatever other videos you have created for your students. You can organize these videos by tags or playlists.
  2. Create a playlist of many videos on a particular topic such as citation tutorials, research tips or on a specific unit.
  3. Subscribe to other YouTube users such as authors or vendors who have helpful or interesting information for your students.

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