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ebooks available from Follett can be placed on a FollettShelf. When we purchase Follett ebooks, I place the URL into the 856 tag in the MARC record to allow the student to link into our FollettShelf. There are a surprising number of ebooks available from Follett and the ease of using these books I find to be simpler than with Kindle books and Nookbooks making this my favorite ebook vendor. Unfortunately, Follett has not created an app yet for quick access from multiple devices.

EBSCO ebooks from Power Library (in Pennsylvania)
If you uploaded the MARCs into Destiny, the link takes you to EBSCO. You will see a code number in the search box. You leave the code number entered and hit search and it directs you to the specific book that aligns with the MARC allowing you to open the full text.

If you did not upload the MARCs, you can go into Power Library. In the table under the heading FIND A BOOK, you choose the option eBooks on EBSCOhost. Once linked in, you keyword search and the books that are owned by the state will come up for you.

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