Program Promotion

Become a public relations maniac
It may not feel natural to bring attention to yourself or your program. However, your students and staff deserve proper attention to your programming in order to keep your program from hitting that chopping block. This is what you need to do to help people understand the breadth of the services that you provide and the depth to which you provide them:

  • Try to publicize every good thing that you do and publicize it in many places (blog approximately 2-3 times a week about library programs and services, push them out to Twitter or Facebook, etc., get press releases for video conferences you conduct, etc.) Keep in mind to only include any information with which you would share to an auditorium filled with students, teachers, parents, administrators, etc.
  • Stacy Rosenthal, Library Media Specialist at Council Rock High School South recently presented a PowerPoint which encourages literacy during a PTO meeting. This was a collaboration between Stacy and elementary librarians from within her district.
  • Develop a personality on Goodreads, Twitter, or Facebook (whichever ones you like the most and your school approves that you become a member of). Add posts on literacy or book reviews or tech reviews, etc. Embed the widgets on your web page so that your web page can virtually live and breathe.
  • Publicize a quarterly or annual report (mine can be found here Joyce Valenza shares more!)
  • You are an expert at a few things! Own those things that you are really good at by signing up to present at PSLA or other conferences or run your own webinar and advertise it on the listservs and in your personal learning communities (PLN)

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