What is an Online Map?
Online Maps can be created to link geography, images, and video together by an individual or group and can be made privately or publicly viewed.

Global Connections can be made with regards to mapping. Online maps allow people to create personal or shared maps and pinpoint geographic locations along with adding related video, text, images, and links. We have the opportunity to collaboratively build maps and this can happen on the global level. If your class is focusing upon a specific geographic area, collaborating on an online map is a great choice!

How can Online Maps be used educationally?
Google Lit Trips are becoming commonly known and well regarded for taking students to literary settings and virtually travelling the path that the protagonist travels.

Google Maps has a feature called My Maps that can be very powerful in education. For instance, we have a teacher studying the Russian Revolution and he wants his students to compare and contrast the Russian Revolution to recent uprisings in the middle east. For a portion of this assignment, he is having his students create a Google Map and pinpoint three locations associated with three major events in one country. Within the dialog box associated with each pushpin, the students are adding the name of the specific uprising, a description of the event including two catalysts that spurred the event, plus one link to an article or video (which they will embed to fit fully within the dialog box). Once they have pinpointed three locations, they will draw a line from location to location to further communicate the order in which the events have taken place.

Scribble Maps was recently a favorite at an in-service training because the teachers felt it had features that Google Maps did not have.


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Google Map Maker
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