Nings (Pearson supported allows up to 150 participants for free)

Other Group/Communities alternatives which are free:

Keystone Commons
PDE SAS (click on Teacher Tools and then Communities

What it offers: Online social networking – in education, nings can offer a professional learning network that is invaluable. The platform allows a spot to discuss content in a forum setting (great place to get your questions answered), post a blog entry (wonderful way to share thoughts if you do not host a blog of your own), post interesting videos, or even chat.

Authentic applications: Discuss education (Ning groups can be very broad (education in general) or specific to library, technology, etc.) with people in your local community or on a global level.

Examples of authentic applications:

Classroom 2.0:

Helpful Tips: With social networking, it is nice to visit these sites on a daily or weekly basis. Keep the number you are on to a small amount in order not to become overwhelmed.

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