Mobile Devices in the Library

What it offers:

Access to digital applications without the use of a computer.

Authentic Applications:

Assistance with organization, studying, researching and keeping track of books.

Resources on using Mobile Devices in for education:

Bloomin' Android - Kathy Shrock's Droid apps listed by Bloom's Taxonomy
Mobile Tech in Libraries - a SlideShare by Ellyssa Kroski

Mobile Devices for Students:

All apps are free unless noted otherwise.

Library Catalogs

Destiny Quest - Follett's new app for accessing local library's catalog

Organizing and Studying

Evernote - Capture weekly assignment notes, teacher recordings or snapshots from classroom activities.

iFlashCards - Create your own flashcards to help you study.

iHomework - $.99 Manage school work and homework.

iStudiez Pro - keep track of your entire class schedule and assignments.

MyHomework - Stay organized by scheduling and keeping track of assignments.

Notely - students can get organized with a calendar, homework planner, note-taker and more.

SAT Vocabulary by Brainstorm - Practice your SAT Vocabulary

SchoolBinder - keep track of grades and share files and notes.

Shakespeare in Bits - $7.99 - Helps you to understand Shakespeare plays.

Shmoop - $1.99/app - 100 of Shmoop apps available from literature, bestsellers, poetry, US History, Biography and Music.

SimpleMind Xpress - a mind-mapping tool. - $4.95/month. Sets you on a good study path by alerting you when it's study-time and scheduling your assignments.

TestSoup - Hundreds of applications for preparing for tests, including flash cards.


Access My Library- access Gale databases from your mobile device

EBSCO - access the EBSCO database from your mobile device

Quick CIte $.97- a mobile citation maker for the Droid

WikiMobile - access to Wikipedia through your mobile device

Wolfram Alpha - the computational knowledge engine

eReaders and Personal Libraries

Aldiko - an ereader for the Android

Borders ereader - an ereader with a link to Borders Books

Copia This ereader is not only a reading device, but allows users to share highlights and notes on referenced pages.
eReader - an ereader alternative from Barnes & Noble

Follett Shelf - Follett's Digital Reader App

GoodReads for ipod (free) and GoodReads for Droid ($.99) - the social network for book lovers

iBooks - Apples version of an ebook reader

Kindle - who says you need a Kindle to read Amazon ebooks?

Kobo - a great app for purchasing and reading ebooks

Nook - and...who says you need a Nook to read Barnes & Noble ebooks?

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