Internet Safety

Internet SafetyStudents integrate the Internet into their lives. They use it for information, entertainment, communication in their personal lives, as well as in their academics. The Internet is amazing with what it offers students, however just as life offers opportunities, it also houses dangers. Educators have seen the need to not only teach students to navigate the tremendous power housed in this tool, but also to help parents and the community understand it as well. In Quakertown, the school district teamed with the Bucks County Public Library, Police Department and District Attorney's Office to present Internet Safety information and resources to aid community members in understanding this resource. Offered here are our presentations and additional resources on Internet Safety.

Internet Safety - A Community Approach

Internet Safety for Young Children
Try this website for a great game to play with elementary age students. They can either go through it alone, or you can lead a class to do this on a whiteboard together (I found that to be better - generated lots of great discussion). Best of all, it is free:

Internet Safety for Teens
Classrooms Resources for teaching Digital Citizenship
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