With the rapid growth of cyber courses, many librarians are supporting students on a different playing field and most likely supporting their staff in a new role of cyber teacher. How can we best support these students and staff? Here are some possibilities that I have come up with:

Housing a Cyber Center in the Library:

The 2012-2013 school year has begun in full force and it appears promising! We have a new cyber center housed in the library. The change required shuffling of sections and even relocating bookshelves and we are not completely through with the physical transition. While it created cause to troubleshoot, it has been an asset to the school and the library media center. This excites me the most because of the increase in students who take cyber courses. With this increase and anticipated expansion of the program, a Librarian has got to make sure she (or he) still reaches her population! Cyber students enrolled through our high school still need to be aware of the resources and support we provide. If these students were in a different area within the building, I would not be able to reach them.

So, we have an opportunity this year to reach some of these students and also reach the teacher that is assigned to support them. She and I can team up to provide support to the students who, taking cyber at the high school age, are developmentally in need of continued academic guidance.

I am looking forward to watching this program grow and serve the various needs of students. If any school is considering building a cyber center, I highly suggest that it is located in the library and that the librarian has an active role in communicating services and resources!

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